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Why do some garden humidification pumps vibrate badly

The garden humidification pump in operation has normal vibration, which is caused by the operation of the motor. If the vibration is much higher than the normal amplitude, it indicates that the pump has failed and needs to be shut down for inspection to see what caused it.

The excessive vibration of the garden humidification pump first comes to the problem of the motor. Under normal circumstances, it is caused by the operation of the motor. At this time, we should check the motor first. Its structural parts are loose, the bearing positioning equipment is loose, the iron core silicon steel sheet is too loose, and the support stiffness of the bearing is reduced due to wear, which will cause vibration. We can solve the problem of the motor from these aspects, so as to solve the problem of excessive vibration.

The other factor is that the foundation of the garden humidification pump installation and the pump support are not fixed properly, and the foundation and the motor system have poor absorption, transmission and isolation ability of oscillation, resulting in the vibration of the foundation and motor. It is much more convenient to know the problem and then solve it. In case of failure, timely inspection can make the service life of the pump longer.



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