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Why do some pumps always burn the motor

The main component of the water pump is the motor. If the motor is burned out, the whole motor will not work normally. After many times, the motor is basically useless. Why is there a burning of the motor, and how to avoid it?

The burning of the motor is usually caused by a short circuit. Look for the power control along the circuit to determine which component has the problem. In order to avoid the burning of the motor, daily protection cannot be less. Phase loss protector is a commonly used protection measure, and the effect of choosing a protector matching with the water pump motor is more remarkable.

Installing thermal relay is also a method to protect the motor. When the motor is in phase failure, there will be overcurrent and heating, which can well protect the motor from being burned out.

Frequency converter can be said to be a motor protection measure that many people have heard of, and it is also a way that most people will choose now. Because the frequency converter contains overcurrent protection, phase loss protection and short-circuit protection, it protects the motor from damage.



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