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Analysis of common problems of spray water pump

There will be some problems after the equipment is used for a long time, and so will the spray water pump. If the working time is long, it is easy to fail if it exceeds the load of some accessories. In order to better use, daily maintenance and repair are indispensable. Next, I will show you some common troubleshooting methods.

1. This problem is easy to occur when the water pump runs for a long time due to heating, but sometimes it is not caused by long-time operation, and the temperature is too high. This is an abnormal phenomenon. Usually, the causes of this phenomenon are water bearing damage, too small clearance between rolling bearings or bracket covers, lack of oil or poor quality of use. The efficiency of solving the problem is high. If the bearing is damaged, even if it is replaced, choose a good bearing and oil, and get twice the result with half the effort.

2. The violent vibration of the spray water pump is mainly caused by the imbalance of the electric rotor or the poor combination of the coupling. It is a simple and effective method to adjust, repair and replace according to these two problems. Of course, the cost is high, and the effect is also very significant. Some maintenance will not take long, which is not as good as a replacement.



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