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Why does the stainless steel water pump rust

When making the water pump, there is still a lot of material space to choose. Because of the use environment, materials that are not easy to rust are required. Among them, stainless steel is also a popular material, but it will also rust after long-term use. Why does this happen?

The working environment of stainless steel water pump is inseparable from water, and the metal material will rust, mainly because of the oxidation reaction in the humid environment. Some adherents on the surface of the water pump will cause local corrosion during work, and long-term non cleaning will affect its service life.

Encountering condensed water in polluted air, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and other nightclubs will cause chemical reactions, which will cause corrosion in either case. Therefore, regular maintenance of the water pump is necessary to prolong its service life.



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